Nextdoors Linda Vista Album

The Nextdoors - Awaken

The Nextdoors - Strangers

The Nextdoors - All Right Here

The Nextdoors - My Great Escape

The Nextdoors - Let It In

The Nextdoors - Canyonlands

Linda Wiener

"This album is dedicated to, and named after, my sister Linda, who we lost to melanoma in June of 2020. She was one of my biggest champions and supporters from my earliest days in music, and the person from whom I got my strongest conception of what’s cool and what’s not - in music, and in life in general.

The flowers and insects on our cover art were field drawings she did while working at Deep Springs College right around the time of her diagnosis, and I just love seeing them, and her name, featured on this project that she would surely have supported and enjoyed." -- Russell

We will be donating a portion of every sale to a charity close to Linda’s heart, the Bat Conservation International (even though bats eat the insects that she so loved!)

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